New website to track down assistance

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The Western Isles Community Care Forum (WICCF) has launched a new website which was created for their new Personal Assistant Directory.

This project was created in response to the difficulty carers and service users were having in finding people to employ to provide personal care and/or support.

The service is going to cover the whole of the Western Isles and although it is a signposting service, the new website also contains lots of useful information for people wishing to hire a personal assistant.

Anybody who has a current PVG number and is willing to work in the care sector can join our Directory. Application forms are available on-line or from the office in Tarbert.

The Personal Assistant can choose the days and hours they work along with the tasks they perform, so it would also suit somebody who has just retired or somebody wanting to earn a little extra in the evenings or weekends.

As it has just been launched, the Directory is still quite small but it is hoped that many more will join once they view it online.

There’s lots of information on the web site including the services provided, such as the Carers Trainers Project which supports informal carers through a home visit.

WICCF are indebted to Alex Tearse of Reefnet who has been most helpful in constructing this website.

To find out more about the website log on: here