New Year - New Resolutions

Comhairle Convener Noman Macdonald resolves to 'Get fitter, not fatter' in 2014
Comhairle Convener Noman Macdonald resolves to 'Get fitter, not fatter' in 2014

It’s almost a New Year and the chance to make a fresh start.

We all have good intentions in January which are often forgotten by the 3rd, but we keep making them.

This year we asked some well known faces in our community what their New Year’s resolutions were:

Rhoda Grant, MSP: “I don’t make them anymore because few have reached beyond New Year’s Day!”

David Stewart, MSP: “To spend more time in my new Stornoway Office.”

Gail Robertson, Outer Hebrides Commerce Group: “To be more organised and to worry less about things that aren’t that important.”

Jane Maciver, Stornoway Port Authority: “To regain a better work/life balance by making more time for personal projects including exercise.”

Alasdair Allan, Western Isles MSP: “To help win Scottish independence, and to stop using poly bags at the supermarket.”

Norrie and Muriel Mackenzie, Eilean Siar Muay Thai: “To keep working hard developing the Fitness Studio. We will be bringing new ideas and classes so that we can offer the island a first class facility to train in. Our ethos is to have a good vibe where everyone is welcome and everyone matters.”

Norman Macdonald, Convener of the Comhairle: “Get fitter, not fatter!”

Angus Campbell, Leader of the Comhairle: “To retire after seeing an interconnector connected to Islands and seeing the Islands in a better place following the Our Islands Our Future campaign!”

Malcolm Macdonald, Stornoway Historical Society: “I have tried unsuccessfully to get fit again every New Year. As that resolution is likely to fail again, then I had better pick one with one with which I have a remote chance of achieving. In 2014 I want to make everyone that I meet laugh and feel happy!”

Matthew Maciver, Former Chair of UHI Court: “My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. That is the one I make every year. I am nothing if not consistent.”

Eddie Graham, Lews Castle College, Stornoway Gazette weather correspondent: “My New Year’s resolution is to have lots of fun, keep a smile on my face and have a sense of humour at all times! I’m much more likely to keep this resolution, rather than trying to give something up.”

What will you New Year’s Resolution be?