Newton excited about Loopallu gig

Newton 'can't wait' to his first Loopallu Festival this weekend.
Newton 'can't wait' to his first Loopallu Festival this weekend.

When asked if he is looking forward to performing at the Loopallu Festival today (Saturday, September 21st), Newton Faulkner’s answer is a resounding ‘hell yeah!’.

“I’ve heard very good things about the festival,” Newton says. “I’ve heard it’s great fun, so I’m gonna have to go see the other bands as well. I can’t wait!”

The double number 1, multi-platinum, Brit nominated, acoustic guitar virtuoso joins The Enemy, Reef and Roddy Woomble – plus a host of other music-makers – at the 2014 Loopallu Festival in Ullapool, taking place this weeked.

And his return to the north Highlands follows the release of his latest album, ‘Studio Zoo’, last month.

It’s a record that Newton is extremely proud of – and can’t hide from with the album recording process filmed 24/7 over a five week period in the artists East London home.

“The reaction to it has been almost better than anything else I’ve done,” he admits. “I’ve even had phone calls from other artists congratulating me on it.

“As a body of work I’m really happy with it – it goes beyond the first album as I’m going back to what I was doing before the first album,” Newton expands.

“A lot of the feedback about my music was criticism that the recordings were too ‘shiny’, when people came to see me live it was different and then it made sense to them.

“This time it’s different, it’s a very unique sounding thing, so raw and unedited. I’m really happy with it, although streaming live for five weeks solid, 24 hours a day was something else!
“Once the cameras were off it was just me, back to looking out the window!” he chuckled.

And once his Loopallu gig is over, with the album tour planned for February and March next year, it’s time for a little ‘Newton time’, as he muses: “I might actually have some downtime for a change, but I don’t no what I’ll do – I used to be so good at doing nothing as well!”