NHS Western Isles conduct own review

NHS Western Isles conducted their own Annual Review last week but the Health Minister will be back next year to assess their progress.

Each year, all Scottish Health Boards undergo an Annual Review in public which looks at their performance the previous year. Members of the public are invited along to hear and ask questions about the Board’s performance against national targets and guarantees during 2010/11.

Over the last few years, a Scottish Minister has been in attendance along with Scottish Government officials to scrutinise the performance of the Board.

Absent this year, a Minister will be in attendance at the 2011/12 Review..

The public turnout for the event, held in An Lanntair, was very low but there was some discussions about the changes to Mental Health Provision in the islands which may include changes to the number of beds available and a shift to more care in the community.

Finding innovative solutions that could support people in their own homes is to be explored through a research and development programme which will include the Western Isles.

Five pilot areas have been selected to take part in the programme which will see up to £10m invested.

The aim is to encourage 10,000 or more older adults living in the pilot areas to take part in the DALLAS (Delivering Assisted Lifestyles At Scale) initiative. The programme will examine the use of new technologies to support people in their own homes and find out which innovative products, systems and services work best.