NHS Western Isles joins Facebook

Click to ‘Like’. That’s the message from the Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) which has recently joined Facebook. 

With young and old alike continuing to take advantage of the benefits of the increasingly popular social networking site, HIRS has been selected as the pilot for NHS Western Isles joining Facebook.

Based in the Stornoway Health Centre, HIRS offers a wide range of health materials including leaflets, booklets, teaching aids, models, contraceptive supplies, older people and childminding project boxes, DVDs, Videos, CDs, posters and visual aids, display boards, audio visual equipment and conference equipment.

Found on Facebook under ‘HIRS Western Isles’, the Facebook page is aimed at promoting the service, whilst raising awareness of the wide variety of materials available, local health services and health events, and national campaigns. It also focuses on some of the more popular items which are offered free of charge or available for loan.

HIRS is led by the Health Promotion Department, and is a free drop-in service open to everyone living and working in the Western Isles. This includes school pupils, further education students, parents, teachers, community and voluntary groups, health professionals, and the general public.

Marissa MacLennan, Health Information and Resources Officer, said: “We believe Facebook is yet another innovative way in which we can attract and raise awareness of our popular service with a potentially new audience. We hope that when people next access Facebook they will visit ‘HIRS Western Isles’, select the ‘Like’ button and, we hope, ‘Share’ it with their friends. By following us on Facebook, our followers can keep up to date on what HIRS has to offer.”