NHS Western Isles ‘outstanding’ in meeting target times

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NHS Western Isles had a result of 100% in meeting cancer waiting times in the month of September, according to the latest official figures.

Similarly, in accident and emergency, 99.6% of Western Isles patients were seen within the four hours target time.

The national average for A&E in Scotland was 95.4%, meeting the government’s target of 95%.

In relation to cancer waiting times, the Scottish Government wants 95% of all patients diagnosed with cancer to begin treatment within 31 days of decision to treat, and 95% of those referred urgently with a suspicion of cancer to begin treatment within 62 days of receipt of referral.

Monthly figures issued for Scotland showed the average national compliance with the 62-day standard was 86.6% and average compliance with the 31-day standard was 94.4%.

The Western Isles performances in both cancer treatment and accident and emergency have been warmly welcomed and thanks given to all staff involved.

Gordon Jamieson, NHS Western Isles chief executive, said: “We always strive to be the best at what we do. The needs of our population present us with many challenges to respond to.

“It is very good news to see that our system performance is excellent in both the cancer waiting times and A/E waiting.

“I would like to thank all those involved in achieving this performance in serving our community.”

NHSWI chair Dr Neil Galbraith said: “It is extremely gratifying for the Health Board of the Western Isles to note the outstanding performance of NHS staff in meeting the cancer waiting times, as well as the excellent figures for A&E treatments in our hospitals.

“The figures reflect the Board’s ambition that Patient Safety be the key consideration in the care which we offer and that the quality of the Service in the Western Isles meets the highest standards.

“We congratulate the staff on their achievements in the knowledge that consistency of committed healthcare provision remains the bedrock on which the service is founded and that lives are saved on a daily basis by our teams of professionals.”