Niall Iain makes steady progress with NY2SY

Things are getting a little rocky aboard 'Alliance Trust'
Things are getting a little rocky aboard 'Alliance Trust'

Niall Iain has spotted whales, dolphins and sharks as he gets used to life on the open ocean – including being stuck on sea anchor and unable to row for hours at a time.

The NY2SY North Atlantic Solo Row challenge launched from New York on Thursday, June 5th.

Since then solo rower Niall Iain MacDonald has made steady progress with clear skies, sunny weather and calm seas.

But his latest diary entry, published yesterday (Tuesday, June 10th) revealed that a change in conditions has resulted in Niall Iain stopping rowing and deploying the sea anchor for ocean rowing boat ‘Alliance Trust’.

“The sea anchor is basically like a small parachute that you put in the water and stream off the bow on a line about 100metres in length,” he explained. “This keeps your bow into the wind and waves, which makes life on board a little but more bearable, and also stops you from being pushed back so much.”

Niall Iain continued: “These are easily the most testing conditions that I have been in so far and it’s good experience for me as I am sure they won’t be the worst. I feel safe here on ‘Alliance Trust’, she is solid and secure.”

You can keep up to date with where Niall Iain is by tracking his progress on the NY2SY website at and you can read his on-line diary at