Nicolson Notes

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The weekly round up from Stornoway Secondary School the Nicolson Institute.


The Nicolson Institute has just held its annual Health and Wellbeing Week.

Pupils were asked to make written pledges about improving their physical and mental health, and these were displayed outside the assembly hall (see photo above).

Linked to this, each year group studied a particular theme in their Guidance and Tutor Group classes – for example dieting for a healthy lifestyle, exam stress and strategies for coping, and smoking cessation.

These themes had all been identified by pupils as important to them.

Staff were also offered a range of lunchtime activities, including yoga, walking and blood pressure tests.

To help the local authority gather data, and plan services accordingly, all parents and carers have been asked to complete a survey about pupils’ Health and Wellbeing.

This can be found on the school’s website and Facebook page.


Training took place in January for participants at all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award who are hoping to complete their expedition this year.

Routes and proposed dates were discussed. For more information on the award please like ‘The Nicolson Institute - Duke of Edinburgh’ page on Facebook.


Both the junior and senior badminton clubs have had great success this school year.

The junior sessions have seen as many as thirty pupils attending, and fifteen at the senior club.

A number of the senior players competed in the recent Western Isles Open, representing the school and playing some brilliant badminton.

Both clubs are available to players of any age, level and experience and rackets and shuttles are provided.

Junior sessions for S1 and S2 are on a Thursday from 3:45 to 4:45 in the Sports Centre. The senior club takes place every Monday from 3:45 to 4:45 in the school gym.


Many subjects are now offering pupils after-school study support. A full list can be found on the school’s website, under Student Zone/Study Support Clubs.


The Nicolson Institute will be closed on for the mid-term holiday on Thursday, 11 February, Friday, 12 February and Monday, 15 February. It will reopen to staff and pupils on Tuesday, 16 February.