North Uist Primary School Sports 2014

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The annual sports day for Carinish, Lochmaddy and Paible schools was held recently.

Primary 7 Champion Girls: Trinity Johnson (Paible); Runner up Marion MacCorquodale (Paible)

Primary 7 Champion Boys: Ben Shepherd (Paible); Runner up Jack MacIlwraith (Lochmaddy)

Primary 7 Champion Throwing: Marion MacCorquodale (Paible); Joint Runner Up Ben Shepherd (Paible) and Jack MacIlwraith (Lochmaddy)

Primary 6 Champion Girls: Jayde Brannigan (Paible); Joint Runner Up: Kate Biddulph (Carinish) and Iona Macdonald (Paible)

Primary 6 Joint Champion Boys: Jared Murie (Carinish) and John Scanlon (Paible); Runner Up Jack Macdonald (Carinish)

Primary 5 Champion Girls: Orin Shepherd (Paible); Runner up Iona Macleod (Paible)

Primary 5 Champion Boys: Alasdair Fraser (Paible); Runner Up Shaun Shepherd (Paible)

Primary 4 Champion Girls: Lauren Shepherd (Paible); Runner Up Erin Straderick (Carinish)

Primary 4 Champion Boys: Calum Macdonald (Lochmaddy); Runner up Stephen MacIssac (Paible)

Primary 3 Champion Girls: Mairi Macdonald (Paible); Joint Runner Up Anna Macdonald (Paible) and Zara Wilkie (Paible)

Primary 3 Champion Boys: Kieran MacIssac (Paible); Runner Up Scott Petrie (Lochmaddy)

Primary 2 Champion Girls: Katie MacCorquodale (Paible); Runner Up Faye Macaskill (Lochmaddy)

Primary 2 Champion Boys: Seumas Macain (Paible); Runner Up Calum Macleod (Lochmaddy)

Primary 1 Joint Champion Girls: Ailsa Mackinnon (Carinish) and Emma Saxton (Lochmaddy); Runner Up Freya Duffield (Carinish)

Primary 1 Champion Boys: Kean Simpson (Paible); Runner Up Sean Macdonald (Paible)

Pictured are Mr Kenny Campbell and Mrs Chrissie MacCuish with some of the Champions.