North Uist Sea Poems CD is out now

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Way back in April 2015, a packed audience listened to a unique suite of music composed by Catherine Eunson and inspired by the North Uist Sea Poems written by Pauline Prior-Pitt.

The music features the harp, flute, fiddle and cello. The long sequence finishes with a vivid description of the 2005 storm.

People were in tears at the end of the performance and comments from the audience which were written on post it notes, were most impressive.

Some of the comments from the evening were: “The poems and music seem a fitting epitaph for the events of the storm that changed the spirit of Uist forever.”

“The merging of poetry and music was simply exquisite.”

“Deep and sad and wonderful and touching, a beautiful dialogue between words and music.”

Now there is a professionally made CD of the North Uist Sea Poems, which is available in most of the usual places on Uist and from

Also on February 19th at the popular Taigh Ciuil evening at Taigh Chearsabagh, a short selection from the performance will be played live and signed copies of the CD will be on sale.