Nostalgia - Whalers in South Georgia in 1961

Jock Murray
Jock Murray

Jock Murray from Gress is trying to identify the man on the left of the photograph above.

This picture was taken during the winter of 1961 - the last winter that whalers overwintered in Leith Harbour, South Georgia.

Jock remembers taking the photo and knows who the rest of the men are. At the back is Alex Dan ‘Rankan’ MacKinnon (Grimshader). The first man on the left is unidentified. Second from left onwards: Kenny Dan (Habost), John ‘Ian Lauky’ MacLeod (Gerrannan Carloway), Calum ‘Sgoisy’ MacIver (Gress).

Jock believes the unknown man came from the Ness area, but cannot be certain. He also seems to remember he was in the “Soot Gang”. Can you put a name to the face?