Not quite the Dragon’s Den in Stornoway

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Lews Castle College, Stornoway recently held a ‘Dragons Den’ type event, which saw six students confronted by a panel of three judges in an enterprise.

The event, which was organised by UHI, was hugely successful and the culmination of a process in which the finalists were chosen from over 20 initial participants across the UHI network.

The panel comprised Ann MacCallum, Managing Director of Harris Tweed Textiles, Helen Froud of Froud Consulting, and Iain Macmillan, Director of Finance & Corporate Services at Lews Castle College.

The ideas were so good, and some of them so sensitive in terms of valuable intellectual property, that it is not possible to report on them in detail, and the panel, participants, press and the college staff privileged to witness the event are all sworn to complete secrecy.

Speaking after the event Iain Macmillan stated that all the finalists had identified genuine business opportunities.

He commented: “I have no doubt that some of these can be successfully exploited and I hope that the students go on to fulfil their very obvious potential.

“This first class response from our students throws down a challenge to the College and the University.

“We have highly talented people with excellent ideas - we now need to provide them with the necessary encouragement and support to ensure that these talents and ideas are nurtured and developed to improve the economy of the Highlands and Islands.”