OHCPP Sign Climate Change Declaration

The Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership will this week sign a ‘Climate Change Declaration’ which commits the partners to action in combating climate change.

The Declaration reads: ‘Signatories to the Outer Hebrides Climate Change Declaration acknowledge the reality and importance of climate change. This declaration recognises that Hebridean organisations and businesses play a key role in our collective response to the challenge of climate change and demonstrates our commitment to action.’

The Declaration also gives a commitment from the Community Planning Partnership to;

measure their organisations’s Carbon Footprints and work to reduce emissions from their own operations by 3% per year.

Provide an annual update on progress towards emissions reductions.

Share information and work with partners in the Outer Hebrides to promote good practice in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Encourage and work with others in businesses and communities to take action to adapt to the impact of climate change, to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and to make public their commitment to action.

Cllr Angus Campbell, Chair of the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership, said: “In the Outer Hebrides we are aware of the potentially destructive impacts of climate change that changes in weather patterns can have, particularly on low lying landscapes such as we have in the Islands.

“To combat this, we have to engage on a wide range of fronts including through renewable energy developments and directly reducing our carbon emissions through increased energy efficiency, recycling and improved waste management.

“I am pleased that working as a Partnership we are now committing our respective organizations to positive action to fight climate change. We will feed the results of that back to encourage others in our communities to follow”.