OHTG quiz Comhairle candidates on RET

The Outer Hebrides Transport Group (OHTG) is sending a letter to all those standing for election to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

Co-ordinator of the Outer Hebrides Transport Group, Gail Robertson said: “The household and haulage tax we campaigned against has been imposed by the SNP Government. Next year, the second 50% increase will be added with another massive increase in 2014. We must establish if those standing for the Comhairle appreciate the seriousness of the situation now affecting our islands - and to that end we are asking three very straight forward questions. With many people asking the OHTG and emailing about the downgraded Air Discount Scheme - we feel this is a good opportunity to also ask a simple question about the ADS.”

The questions are: Do you agree that the withdrawal by the Scottish Government of “RET” for commercial traffic to the Western Isles was an act of political folly? If elected, will you campaign with the OHTG and others to restore ferry fares to the level previously enjoyed?m If elected, will you campaign for the restoration of the Air Discount Scheme, so that churches, charities and businesses can once again use the ADS?