Oil spill affecting island birds

REPORTS have been coming in of a number of oiled birds being washed ashore along the west coasts of Eriskay, Benbecula, North Uist, Harris and Lewis.

It is as yet unknown what has caused this, when or how far out to sea it happened, but considering the swell and wind direction over the past few days there are likely to be more affected birds coming ashore throughout the islands.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) are asking that anyone using any of the coasts and beaches throughout the islands keep a look out for any birds, or other wildlife, they feel may be affected by oil.

If a suspect bird or animal is found, please call BDMLR on their Marine Wildlife Strandings Hotline – 01825 765546 (out of hours: 07787433412). BDMLR volunteers are on standby to pick up any wildlife casualties and transport them to care facilities where, if found in time, they can be cleaned and treated before release back to the wild.

BDMLR is a marine animal rescue charity that helps sick, injured or stranded marine animals around the UK coasts and is operated entirely by volunteers.

The Outer Hebrides sees a large number of strandings every year of many different species of whales, dolphins and seals and we will be running training courses in Stornoway on Saturday, February 4, and Eriskay on Saturday, March 24, to widen the network of trained volunteers throughout the islands to ensure the best rescue response possible to all strandings.

Please visit to www.bdmlr.org.uk to find out more.