Olympic Torch on St Kilda

As Stornoway prepared to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch the archipelago of St Kilda paid homage to Olympic symbolism and became the most westerly point in the UK to parade a torch to celebrate the upcoming festival of sport.

The National Trust for Scotland is responsible for preserving St Kilda for the benefit of the nation.

As part of this the NTS organises volunteer conservation work parties each year which carry out essential maintenance and repair such as rebuilding collapsed walls, cleaning drainage ditches and retarring the roofs of some of the buildings which have been restored.

Last month’s Work Party took time off from their conservation work to celebrate the Olympic Torch relay by parading their own Torch from the heliport through the village.

The torch itself was an old tar brush that had been used to tar one of the restored cottages.

The torch bearer was work party volunteer Jo Steele, a native Gaelic speaker from South Uist.

A video was filmed by work party volunteer Tom McLean whose grandmother was from St Kilda; she married one of the sailors stationed there during WW1.

The other Work Party members included a retired principal of a music college, a librarian from Oxford University and a retired fireman from Loch Lomond.

The video has been uploaded onto youtube and can be viewed at www.tinyurl.com/skwp1.

For more information of the work being done to preserve St Kilda visit: www.kilda.org.uk