On the road in the fight against parasites

Vets from Scotland’s Rural College are embarking on a road show around the Highlands and Islands over the coming months to support sheep farmers in their battle against parasites.

Fiona Bannerman and Dr. Franz Brulisauer, veterinary investigation officers with SAC Consulting (a Division of SRUC) in Inverness, will host free events for farmers and crofters focusing on prevention and treatment of liver fluke, worms and clostridial diseases.

Fiona and Franz will join forces with local vets to run meetings in Kirkwall (27 Aug.); Oban (4 Sept); Portree (7 Sept.); Inverness (8 Oct.); Thurso (22 Oct.); Stornoway (date to be confirmed); and Balivanich (date to be confirmed).

Franz explained: “Good husbandry and stockmanship go a long way to keeping animals healthy but even the best set-up cannot prevent all diseases. Effective control of endemic diseases such as parasitism and clostridial infections is highly important. Spotting diseases early and putting in place the correct measures are essential.

“I look forward to meeting farmers and crofters and finding out about the disease challenges they face on their holdings. I know that those attending will have an understanding of these diseases and respective control options but there are always new things to be learned and I am looking forward to interactive meetings where all attendants, including us, come away with new insight.”

The meetings, details of which will be advertised locally over the coming weeks, are funded by the Scottish Government as part of its Animal Welfare Advisory Activity.