One Sandwich Short of a Genius visits island venues

One Sandwich Short of a Genius plays in island venues this week
One Sandwich Short of a Genius plays in island venues this week

How far would any one go to present the perfect public face? - hire an actor to play ‘father’ when the man of the house up and leaves?

Such a ridiculously normal family in absolute denial about the things they don’t mention – like dad leaving – will bring chuckles and laughs to the Western Isles as Big Telly Theatre Company present play ‘One Sandwich Short of a Genius’.

Known for their quirky and thought provoking productions Big Telly Theatre often tap into the public psyche and this, the Company’s 33rd production, is no exception.

The original production, developed and directed by Zoe Seaton and Shelley Aitkinson, tells the tale of a family, well adjusted in their dysfunctional behaviour and too busy to notice that Mum has replaced Dad with an actor.

With a daughter living her life through reality TV and a son who is a liability, will the matriarch of the family be able to keep up appearances?

Artistic Director Zoe said: “It’s the modern day dichotomy, we can portray our lives as wonderful as we like, and technology helps us to do so.

“However, lies take you further from the truth and sometimes it’s hard to navigate a way back.”

She continued: “It appears reality TV and technology (which presents a false familiarity) has replaced what we know as community; this is how younger generations feel valued, worthy and important.

“With humour and moments of poignancy, One Sandwich Short of a Genius explores the benefits and the pitfalls of this ‘community’.”

The hilarious and poignant production, described as ‘the Truman Show meets the Royle Family’, looks close at the notion that image is everything.

In a world of reality TV, social media and the Internet, it is harder and harder to keep our private lives private; but just how far would one mother go to protect the family reputation?

Will keeping the cat in the bag and ignoring the elephant in the room (whilst tripping over themselves) prove to be too much for the family abandoned by their father who has gone to find himself?

And in this tale of denial and public image even the furniture has a deeper emotional response than the humans. An armchair featured in the production starts to fall apart as it sees household object being sold off to pay for the replacement Dad.

Fearful it’s next to go, the chair seems to be the only thing with an authentic emotional response as events unfold!

Big Telly Theatre Company will perform ‘One Sandwich Short of a Genius; in Carinish Village Hall, North Uist, on Monday March 10th ; and in Ionad Na Seann Sgoil, Shawbost, on Tuesday March 11th – call 01851 700475 for bookings.

And on Wednesday March 12th the Company presents the production in Bernera Community Centre (Bookings: 01851 612411).

Tickets for all performances (£8/£5 concession; and Family of 4/4 friends priced £20) are also available to buy online at