Open season on Greylags as crofters urged to get licence to kill

ISLAND crofters have been urged to ensure they make the most of thier licence to kill as the problems associated with the increasing presence of Greylag Geese on the islands were discussed recently at a meeting of the Lewis and Harris Goose Management Group.

Councillor John A Maciver, Chair of the Group, said: “It is vital that crofters take a proactive approach to controlling goose numbers.

“The open season commenced on September 1 and runs until January 31 – we encourage crofters to make the most of this time period to minimise the potential damage caused by Greylags.”

During the open season, crofters need to apply for a licence to shoot greylag geese and there is no limit to the number of birds that can be shot by individual crofters.

In addition, the need to obtain a game licence was abolished this year. Crofters are, however, reminded to obtain permission in advance from the landowner.

Applications for a licence to kill resident Greylag Geese during the closed season should be made to Scottish Natural Heritage.