Pairc decision to be appealed

AN appeal is to be made against the Scottish Government’s decision to grant consent for a community buyout of part of the Pairc Estate.

Just days before the dissolution of the Scottish Parliament, Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham announced that the community-run Pairc Trust would be granted permission to pursue a hostile community buyout under Part 3 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

That decision is to be challenged by landlord Mr Barry Lomas through a Sheriff Court and a hearing is expected to be heard in the early summer.

Meanwhile a valuation is being carried out on the land and lease which the community wish to purchase which will tell the Pairc Trust how much money is needed to buy this portion of the Estate.

A fundraising effort is now underway and the Trust are looking for donations.

Angus McDowall, chair of the Pairc Trust: “We will re-double our efforts to carry out the wishes of the community. We have already given our views to the independent valuer on the value of the assets to be purchased, and we await his conclusions with interest. We have also launched a fundraising campaign which we will be pursuing in the weeks and months ahead. I would ask everyone who has supported us throughout this long saga to help us financially as we approach the vital final states – all donations will be acknowledged, and will be returned if for any reason the buyout does not proceed.”

The independent valuation of the land is being caried out by Baird Lumsden who have been appointed by the Scottish Government. The appointment of a previous valuer was objected to by Mr Lomas on the basis that there was a conflict of interest. The valuation is expected to be known on May 18.