Pairc Trust say there is ‘still long way to go’

The community trust hoping to purchase the Pairc Estate under the Part 3 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, say there is still a long way to go.

Last year the Scottish Ministers approved an application by the Pairc Trust to exercise their right to buy land on the Pairc Estate.

Following this, the Pairc Crofters Limited and their tenant Pairc Renewables Limited appealed by summary application to the sheriff at Stornoway. The claim concerning the infringment of rights was referred to the Court of Sessiom.

The ruling of three judges published yesterday (Wednesday) did not share the views of the landowner regarding the infringement of his rights.

If the buyout goes ahead on the Pairc Estate, this would be the first hostile buyout in Scotland.

A statement from community-run Pairc Trust stated: “We have just heard the news about the Court of Session judgement but have not yet had the opportunity to read the judgement, which is of course in relation to an appeal made against a decision by the Scottish Government rather than the Pairc Trust.

“We note the judgement with interest since it is relevant to our Part 3 application. There is however still a long way to go. Assuming the landlord does not appeal the Court of Session judgement, other aspects of his appeal against the Scottish Government would fall to be heard in due course in the Stornoway Sheriff Court.

Although we have had to use Part 3 of the Act in our efforts to buy the estate on behalf of the community, our preferred approach has always been and remains a voluntary transfer by the landlord on agreed terms. We continue to hope that recent discussions with the landlord will lead to an agreement for a voluntary transfer which we can recommend to the community.”