Patients stuck in hospital still at high level

A high number of patients are still having extended stays at Western Isles Hospital, Stornoway due to a lack of care home places.

At next week’s meeting of the Comhairle’s Health and Social Care Committee, members were told that the continuing high number of delayed discharges at Western Isles Hospital was ‘unsustainable’.

There are weekly delayed discharge meetings to monitor the situation and figures for February showed that 36 people were being actively monitored to enable a timely discharge.

This was an increase of six in the number of individuals affected during the last reporting period. Thirty people were reported as delayed discharges on February 22nd, 26 of those were waiting over two weeks.

The Committee will be told: “The number of patients unable to leave hospital due to the inability to provide care home places and or home care setting is at a level where normal health care admissions to the Western Isles Hospital have been disrupted. It remains a risk that patients booked for electivesurgery may have to be cancelled.

“The inability to discharge patients has seriously disrupted the overall functionality of the hospital with contingency arrangements continually challenged.”

Discharge Action Group meets weekly at Western Isles Hopsital to review all delayed discharges and potential delays.

·Central to redesign of services is the development of a step up/step down/Intermediate care facility in Erisort Ward in Western Isles Hospital, currently a 17 bedded mainly for stroke patients and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

The longer term strategy will be developed through the Integrated Joint Board and the Strategic Commissioning Plan.