Paws for thought at Dog Show

Best Dog in Show, Lochside Arena, 2015 SSPCA annual Dog Show
Best Dog in Show, Lochside Arena, 2015 SSPCA annual Dog Show

Around 50 dogs competed in a fun day at Lochside Arena, where the annual Scottish SPCA dog show was a must-see event for people and canines alike.

The rain didn’t put off a large crowd of islanders turning up and putting their dogs to the test.

Billy Mackay took Best lookalike with his dog, Snoop

Billy Mackay took Best lookalike with his dog, Snoop

Judges were brought in from the mainland for what was a very professional competition with a community spirit.

Emma Mackenzie won the final award, taking best dog with Lola. Billy Mackay, nine-years-old, was most pleased when he and his dog, Snoop, were awarded Best Lookalike.

Attendees were undoubtedly impressed by dark horse, Ian Mackinnon, and his two cohorts, Bruno and Bentley, with whom he picked up Best Double Act in a smooth performance, leaving the crowd pleasantly surprised.

Fifteen year-old Anna Macrae showed the crowd what a professional young woman can do, picking up second place in the final, with Shetland sheepdog Pandora - probably the coolest name for a dog on the island.

The wonderful Arlene Baxter impressed with cross dog, Baby, picking up Best Rehome.

Similarly Ceri Dyke got Best Trick with Summer, in a performance that dog enthusiasts would love to see again.

Other well-deserved awards went to: Kathryn Grahame and Creasy the Rotweiler for Best Conditioned Large Dog.

Elaine Evans and 10-year-old Schnautzer, Max, won Best Conditioned Small Dog.

Peggy Mairi Macphail was proud to see Dileas the Lhasa Apso earn Best Behaved Dog after an afternoon of sitting so still and observantly that everyone mentioned what a well-trained dog Dileas was.

Kara Tynan did so well with her dog, Harley. They won SSPCA Inspector’s Choice, awarded by the island’s very own SSPCA Inspector, Calum Watt.

£400 was raised in all, says Rosina Grigor, committee member, who also said that everyone had a great time despite the wet weather.

“The judges enjoyed it”, says Rosina, of the Lewis SSPCA branch, “it was a fun time and at the end of the day everyone’s dog was the best in show.”