Chance to commemorate loved ones and support west side development

Bragar and Arnol Community Trust (Urras Coimhearsnachd Bhràdhagair agus Àrnoil - UBCA) on the West Side of Lewis has introduced a fundraising initiative which will ensure a lasting memorial to people with a connection to the area.

Wednesday, 21st August 2019, 4:20 pm

The Trust was formed in 2012 and is redeveloping the former Bragar School, to provide enhanced community facilities along with a hostel, a café and laundrette.

Work on the development is on track and completion is expected next summer.

As part of its fundraising for the project, UCBA has invited supporters at home and abroad to sponsor 100 tiles - each supporter will supply a photograph of the person/people they wish to commemorate, and text detailing their name, etc, which will then be fired on to a tile.

The tiles will be a prominent, permanent, feature in the building.

Each tile will be handmade and unique, and they cost £100 each.

Catriona Campbell, Chair of UCBA, said: “Like other community organisations we need to be looking at different ways of raising funds, particularly now with this major redevelopment ongoing.

“As well as being a fitting way to commemorate people from the community, the tiles will an eye-catching artwork in their own right.

“I will certainly be buying one with a picture of my late parents, who both went to Bragar School.”

To order a tile, or for more information call 01851 710210 or email: [email protected]