Harris family at ‘wits’ end’ over BT

A young Harris family have been left at their “wits’ end” after being informed by BT that a phone line will not be installed into their new home until July at the earliest -- despite having ordered it six months ago.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:00 am
Donald and Catriona MacLennan have endured a nightmare time trying to deal with BT

Donald and Catriona MacLennan, who have just had their second child, say the lack of a telecommunications connection is now affecting their livelihoods, with Donald trying to run a local shellfish company and Catriona offering administration support to local businesses and groups.

The Leverburgh couple have recently completed the building of their long-awaited new home, four years after they first commenced works.

They finally moved in in February and, despite having requested a connection from BT the previous month, they still haven’t had a phone line connected -- and have now been told it will not be until July at the earliest.

BT supplied a complimentary wifi dongle which was at least supposed to give them access to the internet. However, it has been sporadic and unreliable and the license has now run out. To add to their woes, the house is sited in a mobile blackspot leaving the couple with just one functioning mobile phone between them.

Their frustrations with BT and inability to properly carry out their business -- let alone difficulties in keeping in touch with friends and family at such an important time -- has heaped stress on the couple at what should have been an exciting time.

Mr MacLennan said: “We are at our wits end with BT. Having been told back in November that our installation would take two weeks to action, we’re in disbelief that we find ourselves in this situation.

“This is a completely unacceptable level of service from a utilities and service provider. We appreciate Covid has impacted works in every sector but a year down the line, when we are all still in the same boat, the excuse is wearing a little thin.

"We have both spent countless hours, which we can ill afford, chasing BT for answers and each time they come back to us the same empty promise. We are now faced with no option but to inform the Communication Ombudsman of our situation.”

A BT spokesperson said: “