Met Office issues a Yellow weather warning for the Western Isles this weekend.

The Met Office have just issued a weather warning for the Western Isles for strong winds that are likely to lead to some travel disruption, and impacts from large waves for some coastal locations and causeways.

Friday, 12th February 2021, 11:21 am
Updated Friday, 12th February 2021, 11:45 am
Please DO NOT do this. It's dangerous and downright stupid, and could end up in disaster, for you as an individual, and those called to try and help.

South-easterly winds will strengthen a little further during Sunday morning, with gusts of 60 to very locally 70 mph probably developing across the Irish Sea, and into the east of Northern Ireland.

This, in combination with high tides, may be enough to generate impacts from large waves in some coastal parts of the Inner and Outer Hebrides; although here later the gusts could strengthen further still to 65-75 mph, and possibly as high as 80 mph in the most exposed parts of the Outer Hebrides.

Additionally, a change in wind direction to the south-southwest later in the day will bring Skye and the Isles of Lewis and Harris into the area of stronger winds too, before winds generally ease from the south by the end of the day.