New boat for Marvig brothers

LEWIS brothers Duncan and Murdo Kennedy from Marvig in South Lochs were in Cornwall for the launch of their latest boat, a 16m vivier crabber. A large crowd gathered at the Cornish boatyard of C.Toms & Son to witness the launching.

Says writer and photographer Phil Lockley who was at the launch: "Blessed by the Reverend Neil MacMillan from Kirkcaldy, the boat was christened as Louisa (SY 30) by Duncan Kennedy's wife, Margaret Mary, who together with family, friends and the yard's boss, Alan Toms, celebrated the day by cracking a bottle of champagne over the boat's stem.

"To music from the local piper, Dave Thomson the Louisa slid slowly from the slipway to mark the end of three years of planning."

Said Duncan Kennedy: "Planning has, we believe, helped to give us a fine boat. We have had big boats and small boats but this is going in the right direction and we know that at present there is a downturn in the call for shellfish because of the recession, but this boat is a long term investment."

Phil went on: "Named after the brothers' deceased mother, the Louisa marks yet another boat built in Cornwall for the partnership. Throughout a long list of boats owned either jointly or individually by the Kennedy team, only one has ever been built outside of Cornwall."

Murdo Kennedy said: "She's a well built boat and we look forward to getting it back home and start fishing as soon as possible; there is still a bit of work to complete before the final launch but we felt it right to have the official naming day and the weather has been good to us."

Designed by Ian Paton of S. C. MacAllister & Co. Ltd, the vessel was later hauled back up the slip for final work to be carried out and full technical details of the vessel will soon be published in the trade paper, Fishing News.

Duncan told the 'Gazette' this week: "We are very pleased with the vessel. It took a long time in planning and construction and is almost complete. We hope it will be in Lewis in the middle of May."