A new Trauma Healing Ministry is to start up in Stornoway

Two churches in Stornoway - St Peter’s Episcopal Church and Stornoway Free Church – are working together to provide a Bible-based trauma healing resource locally.

Friday, 17th January 2020, 1:02 pm
Joanna George (of St Peters Church) pictured right and Mairianne Campbell (of the Free Church) pictured left recently completed their training to become certified as Facilitators.

This aims to help people who are hurting, grieving and traumatised.

The Scottish Bible Society in partnership with the Trauma Healing Institute (based in the U.S.A) trained a cohort of facilitators over the last two years in Scotland.

This training equips local church leaders with biblical and mental health resources so traumatised people can experience the life-changing message of the Bible.

Joanna George (of St Peter’s) and Mairianne Campbell (of the Free Church) recently completed their training to become certified as Facilitators (not counselors).

The core programme is based on a workbook called ‘Healing the Wounds of Trauma’, which uses small group conversation and activities to help people express their pain without getting stuck there.

It provides basic mental health concepts within a biblical framework, using Scripture passages and composite real life stories to help people connect the teaching with their own circumstances.

It’s been used with thousands of pastors, counselors and traumatised people in many countries.

Confidentiality is a key component for the groups.

‘Binding Brokenness’ is the name for the local expression of this ministry.

Two healing groups have taken place so far.

The feedback from these groups has been positive with one participant saying, “I learned how much God knows about trauma and that he knows exactly what I’ve been through.

“I learned discipline to always take everything to him first. That’s what he wants. I gained skills that I’ve since used often.

“I would recommend this to every Christian, even if you’re shy.”

A stand-alone session called ‘Care for the Caregiver’ will take place at St Peter’s Church, Stornoway on Saturday 25th January.

This lesson is aimed at anyone in a caring role who feels overloaded, exhausted or may be suffering from secondary trauma as a result of working with traumatized people.

There is no cost involved but please register your interest by email in advance.

Binding Brokenness

A full program of Binding Brokenness will be run from February into March at the Rev MA Memorial Hall on Kenneth Street.

This is a weekly two-hour session covering the core topics in the workbook, ‘Healing the Wounds of Trauma.’

For more information, or to book a place on either of the above sessions, please contact: Joanna George – [email protected] or Mairianne Campbell – [email protected]