No comments on Stornoway Trust’s work

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The Stornoway Trust will no longer engage in answering public comments on its Facebook page as of this morning (Monday, July 15th) when the privacy setting on its social media platform was changed from ‘Public’ to ‘Private’.

The Trust still intends to use the platform to promote its work, but does not intend to answer questions, criticism or other points raised by the public via its Facebook page.

Instead the Trust suggests that anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of the organisation’s work should contact its Perceval Square, Stornoway office directly via phone or by email.

It is not clear what has prompted the move, however online criticism over the Trust’s recent decision to remove waste bins from Lews Castle Grounds, may have played a part.

The Gazette has asked for a statement from the Stornoway Trust office about the changes to its Facebook page.