Second tragedy hits Mackenzie family

A second tragedy has hit the family of missing Noah’s Ark explorer, Donald Mackenzie with the death of his sister-in-law shortly after giving birth.

The funeral took place of thirty-seven-year-old Margaret Mackenzie last week, leaving husband of 12 years, Derick to raise baby Calum and his four siblings.

The baby was born at 1.59 am on February 4 by emergency caesarian section after suffering severe oxygen starvation and it was initially feared he would not survive. His mother died just four hour later at 6.20 am.

The couple have four other children, two boys and two girls, aged between 12 and 5.

Mrs Mackenzie, the daughter of a Free Presbyterian minister based in Skye, was one of a family of 20. Her funeral was held in Skye last Thursday.

Husband, Derick took the baby home from hospital in Livingston later the same day.

Writing on his online blog, Derick said: “When Calum was born he wasn’t breathing and his heart had stopped. He responded well to resuscitation but had suffered severe oxygen starvation. The concern is whether brain damage has been sustained. It is a big worry.

“It was touch and go for a couple of days after his birth as to whether he would survive.”

Derick is a brother of missing evangelist explorer, Donald Mackenzie who was reported missing in October last year on his latest quest for the Ark on Mount Ararat, Turkey. It is thought he has either had an accident or become the victim of foul play. It is hoped to launch a further search for him in the spring when winter snows have receded.