Uist workplaces look after and support staff’s mental health

Employers in Uist have recognised the importance of having their managers trained in ways to improve staff mental health.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 7th October 2019, 12:30 pm
Staff taking part in recent training sessions at Cothrom and UCVO (below) in the Uists.
Staff taking part in recent training sessions at Cothrom and UCVO (below) in the Uists.

This commitment to have a healthy workforce was demonstrated when 25 staff from 14 workplaces attended the ‘Mentally Healthy Workplace’ training which was delivered in Benbecula and South Uist last month.

The training is part of the ‘Healthy Working Lives’ (HWL) programme and looks at the positive effect that work can have on mental wellbeing, and the factors which are likely to have an adverse effect on an employee’s mental health.

Maintaining good mental health is an important public health challenge which also has a significant impact on workplaces.

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Training is aimed at small organisations can help staff to gain access to support that is often routinely available in larger ones.

Across Scotland, around one in three people are estimated to be affected by mental illness in any one year.

Training managers in how to spot and manage the early signs of mental ill health can be invaluable; providing them with the confidence to approach matters that concern them and helping them to support their team in the best way possible.

Employers and managers are not expected to be specialists in mental health, however they should know where they and their team can access support both within their organisation and externally.

Norma MacLeod, NHS Western Isles HWL Advisor, stated: “The earlier that we notice that a member of the team or a colleague is experiencing poor mental health, the sooner help can be offered and the better for all concerned.

“Early actions can help keep an employee at work and prevent them from becoming too unwell to continue working.”

This training is offered to any workplace throughout the Western Isles free of charge. For further details, contact Norma Macleod on 01851 762013 or [email protected]