Petition reaches 100,000 target

A petition on pancreatic cancer is due to be debated in the UK Parliament following a campaign in memory of a Harris lady.

Fiona Brown is helping a campaign, started by Maggie Watts who lost her husband and mother in law to the disease, to help initiate much needed change in the prognosis for pancreatic cancer patients.

The painting shows Luskentyre where Fiona's mother is buried.

The painting shows Luskentyre where Fiona's mother is buried.

Fiona’s mother Chrissie, who was originally from Harris, sadly passed away in 2003 at the age of 56 after being diagnosed with this type of cancer.

Shocked to discover that the survival rate for this type of cancer has not improved in over a decade, Fiona was keen to push for more awareness.

Despite being the 5th deadliest cancer in the UK it receives only 1 per cent of research funding.

An e-petition is calling for more funding and awareness to increase every patient’s chance of survival and with huge support from across the country including the islands, the target of 100,000 signatures has now been reached.

The petition remains open until tomorrow morning (Tuesday) so there is still time to sign.

To sign the petition visit