Plane relands after engine shut-down

UNCONFIRMED reports of ‘sparks and flames’ emitted from an aircraft engine are circulating following an incident which took place on Friday (March 23rd) resulting in a Saab 340 airplane returning to Stornoway Airport.

Problems occurred after take off from the island airstrip of the BE6829 flight from Stornoway to Glasgow.

One passenger eye-witness said: “We took off fine and once we were in the sky I could see the propellers on my side of the plane going round okay, but on the other engine the propeller was just meandering round slowly.

“Other passengers said they saw sparks and even flames coming out of the engine, but I didn’t see anything like that.”

The Airport’s fire crew, ambulances and Stornoway RNLI lifeboat were all called to stand-by during the emergency landing.

A spokesman for the Loganair flight confirmed that the aircraft has been removed from service for investigations and a change of engine is to be carried out.

They said: “At 7.35pm on Friday evening the BE6829 flight from Stornoway to Glasgow returned to the airport shortly after take-off and one of the engines was shut down as a precaution. The Saab 340 aircraft was carrying 25 passengers and three crew on board.

“Passengers were offered an alternative later flight to Glasgow or accommodation if they wished to travel the next day. All of the 25 passengers decided to board the later flight to Glasgow on the Friday evening.”