Plans for new church in Stornoway

Stornoway High Free Church congregation was formed when many left the Stornoway High Church of Scotland (pictured).
Stornoway High Free Church congregation was formed when many left the Stornoway High Church of Scotland (pictured).

Plans are being made to build a large new church in Stornoway by a congregation who are currently meeting in a local school.

The High Free Church Stornoway, who currently meet in Stornoway Primary, are investigating sites to build a church to house their 300-strong congregation.

Chris Martin from the High Free Church Stornoway, said: “The High Free Church is currently meeting in Stornoway Primary School.

“Clearly this situation is temporary and cannot continue on a permanent basis.

“The Deacons’ Court is exploring the feasibility of building a new church somewhere in the town area.

“Various sites are currently being looked at but no decision will be made until all facts are known and the congregation is consulted.”

At a meeting of the Trustees of the Stornoway Trust last week, it was discussed that they had been contacted by the High Free Church regarding a site on Smith Avenue which is owned by the community landlord.

Trustees were told that this was just one of several sites being looked at, but that the Church was investigating the feasibility of this option.

The congregation are mostly made up of individuals who left the Stornoway High Church of Scotland last year due to the Kirk’s position in considering ordination of ministers in same-sex relationships.

Also this week the 33rd Islands Study Conference was held in Tarbert and was attended by over 100 delegates.

The speakers at this year’s conference were the Rev Dr Sinclair B Ferguson and Rev Alasdair M. Macleod.

Chairman of the Conference Committee, Norman Macleod, an elder from the Stornoway Free Church, summed up the weekend: “It was a genuine privilege for us to be in Harris this weekend.

“The conference was a very special time, with many commenting on how this weekend ranked as one of the best conferences we have had. Thanks to our speakers and all who attended.

“It was so heartening to hear some first-time attenders commit already to next year’s conference. The more the merrier!”