Plans to relocate town Post Office

SGD. 21721
SGD. 21721

Concerns have been raised by Stornoway residents about a plan to relocate the Post Office from Bayhead to Sandwick Road.

Manor and Castle Residents Association were last night informed of plans to move the service from the Trading Post shop to the Engebrets Ltd store on Sandwick Road.

A six week consultation period will now take place.

Local councillor Gordon Murray said members were dismayed at the proposal.

He said: “After our monthly meeting, this week, of the Manor and Castle Residents Association, the members unanimously expressed absolute shock and dismay at the proposal that the Trading Post post office could be moving from its Bayhead address to Sandwick Road. The Bayhead location is both pedestrian and car friendly and is eminently more suitable for the many patrons using the facility.

“Not everyone has a car and the prospect of senior citizens having to go to the post office in Sandwick Road with the volume of cars and industrial vehicles passing and an extremely busy roundabout to navigate is really unacceptable.

“We have been notified of a consultation period which we will participate to show out discontent and, on a personal note, I will be writing to Sue Richardson, Regional Network Manager of the Post Office, to voice the concerns of the community. The strength of feeling already is apparent and, clearly, totally opposed to any change of location.”

Cllr Iain Mackenzie said the Residents Association would be responding to the consultation to express their discontent.