Playing the politics game on his Scottish tour

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Scottish comedian Fred MacAuley admits one of the reasons politics is featuring more heavily in his material these days could be because he’s getting older.

The presenter and stand up hits the big 6-0 this year, the same year as the last of his children flew the nest.

As a result, Fred says his latest show that will be touring Scotland this summer could be a bit more reflective.

And, as it’s been eight years since his latest tour, he can’t wait to get started.

Fred said: “I love being on the road.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Scottish tour, aside from a few dates in 2013, so I’m looking forward to going back to places like the Woodend Barn in Banchory and also new places like Mull and the Isle of Harris.

“It’s the kind of thing I want to do a lot more of.

“I’m doing a bit more politics than before, probably because I’m getting older.

“Politics is a bigger part of people’s lives now.

“When I was young, you would vote once every five years, but now it feels like you are never out of the polling station.

“I’m also more reflective. I’ve had a great career, but 2016 is a big year for me.

“We’ve become empty nesters and I’ve a big birthday coming up. I’m 60 and I can’t believe it either.

“The audience who come to see me are around my age and they may have listened to me on Radio Scotland, but I also want to encourage a younger audience to come along.

“Funny is funny no matter your age or attitude.”

But it’s clear Fred’s broad appeal and honest take on life can famously hit the spot, with one of the most popular being the Mock the Week sketch F**ing Boo.

“Those few seconds,” Fred added, “seem like the most successful of my career, and like a lot of what I do, it’s the truth.”

Fred’s 18-date tour will take in Falkirk, Aberdeen, Banchory, Inverness and Stirling starts on June 25.

You can catch Fred’s show on the Hebridean leg of his tour at the Tarbert Community Centre, Harris on July 28th and in Stornoway at the An Lanntair arts centre on July 29th. Tickets available at: