Poetry Day inspiration at Sir E. Scott

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Recently Alasdair MacLeod, teacher at Sir E Scott School in Tarbert, had his S1 class produce some animal poetry in recognition of National Poetry Day on October 6th.

Below are just some of the great examples produced by the class, who are also pictured above.

Dolphin Days (by Emma Passmore, S1)

As the waves break onto the sandy shore

The sand glows of golden wonders,

The water flows onto the seashore, the blonde crystal sand disappears

Like the grey clouds that smother the golden sunlight.

They pop their crowns out of the aqua

As they laugh and cheer all day

Their high-pitched squeal, oh what do they say?

As they sing their dolphin days.

They play, they race…,

As fast as Usain Bolt

They twirl and whirl in each and every way,

As they play their dolphin day.

Their sapphire blue skin

Gleams in the beaming moonlight,

They’re quite slender, but never round

And they never weigh a pound!

Now they are tired, all sleepy sleepy

Their little snores, all quiet and squeaky

As they end their dolphin day...

Charlotte’s Cat (By Charlotte Atkinson, S1A)

She stares through the window watching the rain,

She watches it fall onto the glass panes,

She’s waiting and watching,

Waiting and watching,

Waiting and watching; for something to come,

Eyes like emeralds, staring at the rain,

Gazing hopefully down the dark wet lane,

The deep brown fur, with stripes of midnight black,

She yawns and stretches, and arches her back,

She silently sits and watches the rain fall down,

She sits without making a sound,

She yawns and stretches, curls into a ball,

And sleeps, not moving at all.

The Chicken (By Niel Macleod S1A)

Cluck, cluck, cluck,

Like a broken down truck,

Searching through the field,

Hunting for the worms it might yield.

Hiding in the coop away from the rain,

So that the drops will cause no pain,

The silky feathers and the rounded beak,

Perfect for picking out a treat.

Sleeping in the holes dug up by their feet

Up until mum’s gaze they meet,

They were sitting on her favourite flowers all four,

Well when mum got hold of them the chickens were no more…