Point and Sandwick community wind farm completed

The Point and Sandwick Wind farm is now complete.
The Point and Sandwick Wind farm is now complete.

The UK’s largest community wind farm has been completed on Lewis.

The Point and Sandwick Power far at Beinn Ghrideag outside Stornoway was finished at the end of last week.

Calum Macdonald, Development manager of Point and Sandwick Power said: “This is a great achievement by the community in Point and Sandwick and especially by the crofting shareholders of Sandwick north st who showed their faith and commitment to the vision we had 10 years ago. I fully expect that this will encourage and inspire other communities and Grazings committees to go on to build even bigger community owned wind farms in the next few years. We have a colossal opportunity to make our islands one of the most prosperous parts of the UK but it can only be done through delivering 100% community ownership of these assets.”

DJ MacSween, general manager of the charity, Point and Sandwick trust, said: “This is an exciting and historic day. With the 3 community turbines now installed we can look forward to receiving the first income into the Trust by December this year. We have a detailed community investment plan and we look forward to delivering that over the next 5 years.”