Point and Sandwick Development Trust announce appointment of General Manager

The Board of Point and Sandwick Development Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Donald John MacSween to the new post of General Manager and Community Development Manager for the charity.

PSDT will also open a new full time office later on this year after suitable premises have been located and refurbished.

The General Manager post and the full time office will be fully funded by the Big Lottery for the first 12 months.

The General Manager will be responsible for the administrative and financial activities of the charity and also for delivering the Community Development Plan approved in the community consultation last year.

This is a key appointment in the development of PSDT as it looks forward to the receipt of income from the Beinn Ghrideag community wind farm next year.

Mr MacSween was appointed following a six week recruitment process with the help of H S2 Compliance, an independent HR consultancy. Mr MacSween was previously Chair of the Trust and stepped down to compete in the appointment procedure.

The Chair of PSDT, Mr Angus McCormack said: “Mr MacSween has led the charity from its inception in 2005 through to this new and exciting stage and we look forward to his continuing contribution in now steering us through the set-up phase of delivering the community development plan over the next 12 months.

We are very grateful indeed to the Big Lottery for their support and for the commitment they have shown to the project, which also includes a £900,000 capital grant towards the cost of what will be the biggest wind farm in the UK when it is built next year.”