Police on patrol for Operation Route

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Local Police have been on patrol for Operation Route, a road safety initiative, in Lewis and Harris.

A high number of offences were detected, including speeding, no seatbelts being worn and the use of mobile phones. One of the more significant offences was a driver stopped on Sandwick Road for doing 56mph in a 30mph area, a report for this offence has been submitted.

The majority of the other offences were dealt with via on-the-spot fines, with lesser speeding offences and mobile phone useage resulting in a £100 fine and three penalty points.

If drivers are detected without seatbelts a £100 fine is issued.

A spokesman for Western Isles police said: “Operation Route is ongoing throughout the year to enforce road safety. We do go to areas where we receive complaints.”

He continued: “It is important to highlight that the wearing of seatbelts is just as important in the 30mph zones in and around town as it is in the higher speed limits outside.”