Police return to scene of crime in search of missing handbag

Croft Street, GalashielsCroft Street, Galashiels
Croft Street, Galashiels
Police returned to the scene of a week-old robbery in Galashiels on Saturday as they sought further help to trace the attacker and recover a stolen handbag.

An 85-year-old woman was pushed to the ground as she walked between Croft Street and Greenbank Street at midday on Saturday, September 10.

She suffered serious injuries and the man who assaulted her took her bag and ran off towards a parking area nearby.

The woman is now recovering at home.

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On Saturday officers stopped and spoke to passers-by in the area.

A number of searches of the surrounding area, including gardens and bins, have been carried out, but the bag and its contents have not yet been recovered.

Officers are now also asking members of the public to check their gardens and communal areas for the items. The bag is unbranded, light beige in colour and has a wide shoulder strap.

The bag contained a brown umbrella, a Radley branded black purse with a small dog on the front and a small quantity of medication.

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Detective Sergeant James Welsh carried out the anniversary checks.

He said: “We know the man, who was wearing a dark grey hooded top with the hood up, ran off along Greenbank Street towards the Croft Street flats.

“Extensive searches have been carried out here, but the bag has not yet been found, so I would urge everyone in the area that stretches from the Gala Water Retail Park up to Abbotsford Road to please check their gardens, communal areas, bins, anywhere where this bag or its contents might have been discarded.

“If you find any of the items, please leave them where they are and call police on 101. We will be able to come and recover them and further search that area.

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“We have carried out house to house and CCTV enquiries and on Saturday we spoke to people visiting the town centre to see if they can recall anything from last week that may assist.”

Scottish Borders Local Area Commander, Chief Inspector Andy McLean, said: “Such a violent incident is extremely rare in Gala and the Borders as a whole, and the local community has been extremely shocked that something like this has happened.

“A number of people came to the lady’s aid last Saturday and I’d like to thank them for the assistance they gave.

“She was seriously injured in the robbery and required treatment in hospital.

“We are determined to bring the person responsible to justice.”

Contact Galashiels Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.