Police Scotland disappointed with driver behaviour during Road Safety Week

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Police Scotland has expressed disappointment at the behaviour of drivers on the country’s roads last week, when more than 2,000 offences were detected during the national BRAKE Road Safety Week campaign.

The majority of the offences were for speeding, with Road Policing Unit officers detecting 941 offences and the mobile Safety Camera Units around the country recording another 709 offenders.

Careless driving was detected in 197 cases and there were 17 instances of dangerous driving, while 145 motorists were detected for mobile phone offences and 121 for breaching the law over seatbelt legislation.

Superintendent Fraser Candlish, Head of Road Policing for Police Scotland, said: “BRAKE runs a national road safety week campaign every year and Police Scotland fully supported it, advising drivers last week that we would be looking out for those putting themselves and other road users at risk by failing to adhere to the Road Traffic Act.

“I am disappointed that so many drivers chose to ignore these warnings and were prepared to risk themselves and other road users, with the result that hundreds of drivers now face a range of sanctions from receiving corrective advice, to the issue of fixed penalties or being reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

“Several of these drivers, particularly those detected for Dangerous Driving, are more than likely to be appearing in court facing penalties which could very well see them banned from the road, with the consequence of, in some cases, losing their livelihood and possibly their liberty.

“December sees the start of the meteorological winter season, and we are now experiencing challenging driving conditions which require all drivers to be aware of them and adjust their driving to suit the conditions. I urge everyone to take the greatest care and pay the utmost attention to their standard of driving.”