Police Scotland launches Stay Safe Online campaign for children

Digi Dan helps kids know how to stay safe online
Digi Dan helps kids know how to stay safe online

Police Scotland have launched a campaign to raise awareness about online safety for children aged between nine and 16.

The Stay Safe Online campaign is to help children, parents, teachers and carers improve their knowledge and understanding of how to keep children safe while they are online.

Detective Chief Inspector William Cravens said: “Police Scotland is committed to building Safer Virtual Communities for everyone.

“We want to help children to enjoy the benefits of the Internet by being able to Stay Safe Online.

“All children and young people need to understand they should only share pictures online that they are happy with friends, family and others seeing.

“They also need to know how to keep their personal information private and to contact an adult if they feel threatened.

“Any child who feels risk or is worried should speak to a parent, guardian or teacher or can phone Police Scotland on 101 or Childline on 0800 1111.”

The campaign targets two age groups, the younger group, from nine to 12 years old will receive ten top tips from a cartoon character, Digi Dan, who is an internet explorer and knows everything about staying safe online.

Packs for youngsters including leaflets, posters, mousemats and water bottles will be distributed to schools across Scotland promoting Digi Dan and his website.

‘Digi Dan’s Top Tips’ will be available on the website {http://www.digidan.co.uk/www.digidan.co.uk/Click to visit}

The website includes a quiz for and youngsters can download Digi Dan’s ibook to keep his online safety tips.

Older children will also receive advice about keeping safe online including tips on password security, social media posting, sexting, how to deal with inappropriate pictures and who to contact for help.

Further information about our Stay Safe Online campaign will appear on the Police Scotland website www.scotland.police.uk on Twitter andFacebook.