Police target antisocial behaviour at Highlands and Islands homes

Last Friday, police across the Highlands and Islands carried out an operation focusing on reducing noise related anti-social behaviour and conduct at identified residential addresses.

20 residential addresses were visited, with some being re-contacted to ensure the work started on Friday continues. Extra patrols of residential areas and a hospital A&E department also took place.

Partner agencies have provided 25 further addresses for us to review and take appropriate action, which will include a wide range of work and activity such as:

Simple discussions with householder

Initial agreement for the police to arrange mediation between neighbours.

Issuing of warning letters.

131 licensed premise checks were also carried out.

Chief Inspector Angus MacInnes, who oversaw the operation said: “People regularly bring to our attention the fact that they want to be able to live and enjoy themselves peacefully. We’ve all seen stories in the media about anti-social behaviour and some people have, unfortunately, had to live through that and last Friday evening’s police operation worked to specifically address this issue.

“We will continue to make sure there are fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour in the future. In the build up to Christmas and New Year we will be focusing on licensed premises and festive drinking, again to ensure people are able to live and enjoy themselves in a safe and peaceful environment.”