Police warn Western Isles drivers to concentrate on the road

Drivers across the Highlands and Islands are today (Monday) being warned to concentrate on driving and not use handheld mobile phones or other communication devices behind the wheel.

The ACPOS led campaign involves a day of activity which will highlight the dangers associated with using any form of device whilst driving.

Officers across the Force area will be out looking for drivers who continue to flout the law in relation to the use of mobile phones whilst driving.

The campaign coincides with the fifth anniversary of the legislation becoming endorsable and will be supported by all eight Scottish Police Forces who will be targeting all these offences.

Research has shown that reaction times are significantly impaired if you are making calls and driving at the same time - even when using a hands-free device, concentration levels can be affected.

Compelling evidence shows that drivers using mobile phones are four times more likely to be involved in a road crash. The legislation itself does not simply cover mobile phones it includes all hand held devices.

Head of the Force’s Road Policing Unit, Inspector John Smith, said: “We continue to detect people using mobile phones whilst driving and this is extremely disappointing. The latest recorded figures for Scotland show that over 3000 offenders were detected last year.

“Drivers should be concentrating on the road at all times, because any momentary distraction can have significant and sometimes fatal consequences.

“It is disappointing that some motorists even consider sending or reading text messages or emails whilst driving. This means they are not fully aware of their surroundings and this presents a danger to them and other road users.

“Our message is do not use handheld mobile phones.”