Police Winter road safety Facebook chat

Join Police on a Facebook chat
Join Police on a Facebook chat

Police Scotland Highland and Islands Division are to host a Facebook chat event with partners from Highland Council and Northern Safety Camera Partnership on the topic of winter safety on the region’s roads and vehicle preparation ahead of the winter months, tomorrow evening (Thursday 21st November).

Tomorrow’s chat involves the Divisional Head of Roads Policing Inspector Neil Lumsden; Dougie Bennion from Northern Safety Camera Partnership, and Road Safety representation from Highland Council.

They will be on hand to answer questions and provide advice on how you can best prepare for driving on the roads of the Highlands and Islands during the winter months and impart safety tips on the subject.

Speaking on the subject, Inspector Neil Lumsden said: “We have previously hosted a series of successful chat events on our Divisional Facebook page.

“This has been great to be able to engage with thousands of people within the communities across our dispersed region.

“I would encourage the public, especially those in our area, to use this opportunity to ask any questions they have about vehicle preparation for winter, driving in winter conditions or any other queries relating to the subject.

“Even if they don’t want to ask any specific questions, they may get some useful tips from just viewing the conversation thread.”

Dougie Bennion, Northern Safety Camera Partnership added: “I will be on hand during the event to answer any questions anyone has in relation to speed limits, restrictions and in particular anything that is directly linked to appropriate driving the winter months.

“I hope we will all be able to provide information to help keep all road users safe on our roads over the coming winter season.”

The chat event is being virtually held on the Police Scotland Highland and Islands Facebook page (www.facebook.com/northern.constabulary) between 6pm and 7.30pm tomorrow.