Politicians put mobile coverage to the test

staff from the office of Western Isles politicians Angus MacNeil MP and Alasdair Allan MSP will travel down the main route of the Outer Hebrides in order to test the mobile signal quality along the route.

This study is occurring as a result of the 2011 Hebridean Communications Summit where it was expressed that at, the very least, the main route of the Outer Hebrides should have 100 percent voice coverage.

Once the study has been concluded the information will be transferred to a map and shown to both Hebrides mobile providers so that they can address the serious gaps in coverage.

This could be addressed by mast sharing, or building of new masts.

Speaking from Barra Angus MacNeil MP said: “It is very important that we hold these mobile companies to account.

“People in the Hebrides who pay for mobile phone contracts are currently not getting their money’s worth.

“We’ve all know that the coverage in the Hebrides is worse than Ireland, the Faroe Islands and, Rwanda, we might as well have the proof on paper and confront them with raw data.

Alasdair Allan MSP said: “The mobile signal strength in the islands varies considerably and is something I have regularly taken up with the mobile companies for frustrated constituents.

“I have come to know the exact spots from the Butt to Barra where my phone will and will not work and this exercise will, I hope, act as a further pressure on the companies to take action to improve their service.”