SNP hit back at Labour's call for a public apology

Western Isles Labour has described Alasdair Allan MSP as "an embarrassment to the constituency" over his role in the Holyrood inquiry into the botched investigation of harassment complaints.

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 1:37 pm
Alasdair Allan MSP

Mr Allan - along with the two other SNP-appointed members of the committee - has accused fellow-members of "railroading through their pre-judged assertions". This followed reports that a majority of the committee has found that Parliament was misled on a number of issues by the First Minister.

The Labour statement said: "For Mr Allan to attack MSPs who have tried to do the job given to them by the Scottish Parliament is an embarrassment to the constituency. Not only is he attacking Jackie Baillie, whose efforts to get at the truth have won widespread respect, but also Andy Wightman.

"It is risible for Mr Allan to suggest that he went into this inquiry with an open mind while MSPs of the calibre of Baillie and Wightman were part of a conspiracy to disregard the evidence. The absolute opposite is the truth.

"Anyone who watched Mr Allan's contributions to the committee's work will find his criticisms of fellow MSPs richly ironic. Mr Allan should apologise to the MSPs whose integrity he has insulted".

Labour's prospective candidate Shaun Fraser, said: "I am astonished that Mr Allan should put his name to such an attack on diligent MSPs trying to do their job.

"He again confirms that he will put party interest beyond all else, which is certainly not what the Western Isles needs."

An SNP spokesman said: “This is a bizarre statement coming the day after Rape Crisis Scotland have had to intervene on behalf of two complainers whose evidence – given in confidence to the committee – was subsequently leaked to the press.

“In the more than two years he has served on this committee, Alasdair Allan has done so with the utmost integrity: refraining from public comment and respecting the confidentiality of the information disclosed to him.

“He was compelled to comment because of the selective leaking of confidential information and he restricted his observations to matters others had already placed in the public domain.

“That is, shamefully, more than can be said for some opposition MSPs.”