Time for independence to escape nightmare says Western Isles MP

Western Isles MP Angus B MacNeil says Independence will give Scotland the much-needed escape from a hard Brexit future led by right wing Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He warns Scotland to brace itself for the damage of a No Deal Brexit and that the path to independence for Scotland is now the only positive way ahead.

Mr Johnson was elected as leader of the Tory Party today (Tuesday) and will become Prime Minister tomorrow.

Mr MacNeil said: “I think we can all agree that this isn’t the best situation for the islands or for Scotland.

Boris Johnson doesn’t have much time to realise that a hard Brexit would be a bungling disaster.

“Reports of him being shocked that official briefings he has had warning of civil unrest from empty shops maybe show he is not impervious to logic and reason.

“To reiterate, a hard Brexit would cost 8% to GDP, that means hits on pay, public spending, jobs and the businesses in the economy. The 2008 crash was only a 2% event.

“If Boris chooses a hard Brexit, sensible heads know that the consequences for the UK and those of us stuck in the UK are chronic.

“Boris has been full of wheezes - it is not impossible he comes up with one to pull the wool over the eyes of the extreme wing of the Brexiteers.

“I believe that the people of Scotland’s future will be best served by an independent Scotland in Europe.

“The Tories and Labour have destroyed themselves on Brexit and clearly Scotland needs Independence to get out of the mess those parties have created.”