Poverty Action Group Calls For Electricity Price Reduction

The costs for Scottish Southern Energy (SSE) supplying electricity in the Highlands and Islands have reduced due to a reduction in the distribution cost element within the bill but this has not been reflected in the prices paid by customers, say the Western Isles Poverty Action Group.

Published charges for using the distribution system in the Scottish Hydro Electric area show the costs have reduced. These reduction in costs, were they to be passed onto the consumer, would amount to £20 a year or £40 for heating customers.

However prices for consumers have stayed the same.

Cllr Angus McCormack, Chair of the Western Isles Poverty Action Group, said:

“Fuel poverty in the Western Isles is the highest in the UK with 71% of households in fuel poverty and 18% in extreme fuel poverty. Surely the very least the likes of SSE could do is to pass on to consumers the reduction in their costs? They have loyal customers in the Highlands and Islands and SSE could show those customers a bit of loyalty rather than solely wishing to please their shareholders. Once again the people of the Highlands and Islands are being exploited.”